About Us

OJESH® and its line of products are proudly presented by Jassen GmbH, Germany.  Founded in 2008, as a young company in the industry, quality and innovation has always been Jassen's priority, which has brought us success through the past 10 years.

Based in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany, Jassen has been working with wholesalers and exporters since 2008, and has distributed carefully selected Germany manufactured products to China and the rest of Asia, which has been one of Jassen's largest markets.

Starting from 2009, Jassen started a dream team of biochemist, dermatologist, and artists, to fulfill our one special dream of all time. After years of innovative research and experimentation, we have achieved our ultimate goal of introducing the OJESH® Lifting Serum to the world, with the world's smallest hyaluronic acid molecules, and various natural plant extracts.