OJESH Pro Regeneration Face Cream - Intensive (50ml)
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OJESH Pro Regeneration Face Cream - Intensive (50ml)

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Breakthrough innovation technology DMS technology
Imitate the skin's own cell structure and state, and choose high biocompatibility and high affinity. Skin-based nerve cool glue I, Kokubonyuan and other core ingredients imitate a layer of precious fat. It establishes a protective layer for the skin to resist the loss of moisture and nutrients; it is strong and healthy. It effectively moisturizes and protects, makes the skin soft and elastic, and restores health and vitality.

Core ingredients
1. euro summer solstice grass extract
Natural protective ingredients can fight the damage of external pollution and protect skin cells. Not invaded by contaminated particles. Ahu regulates the skin, improves the texture of coarse sugar, and makes the skin feels smoother and softer; soothes skin discomfort, strengthens skin barrier, and reshapes muscles.

2-butyric acid (GABA)
An ideal anti-aging ingredient, it can improve the skin texture of coarse sugar. Helps improve skin moisture content volume and elasticity, reduce fine lines around the eyes; relax tense facial muscles and help improve expression lines and eye bags, and resist skin aging.

3 Sodium hyaluronate
Derived from grain extract, it enhances the skin's ability to lock water; increases the fiber formation of the dermis. The number of cells promotes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin in the skin Vitamin and other substances are produced, which can increase skin elasticity and improve skin metabolism effect. Small molecule hyaluronic acid reaches the bottom of the muscle, quickly moisturizes, moisturizes and nourishes, and slows down it relieves dryness and tightness, and makes the skin feel hydrated, tender and elastic.


Product efficacy
Moisturizing and nourishing/strengthening and age-preserving/reducing fine lines around the eyes/renewing youth and double drop.


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